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5 Most Important Things To Know Before Planning Your Debut On The Competition Stage

Competition is a serious commitment. Choosing the right coach who will support and help you in your journey is a solid investment you can make. It's not just about what kind of training or what kind of food you are going to take but most especially the support makes all the difference.

Your meal program is one of the most crucial parts of preparing for a competition, and with that comes a healthy meal prep. Most competitors will follow a high protein, moderate to low carb, and moderate fat nutrition plan depending on what your body needs and your coach will create a meal plan for you.

When you start your training, you need to be disciplined, determined, and consistent. You also need the humility to listen to your coach because they know exactly what your body needs.

Stage presence is also a critical part of your competition. You also need to work hard to get to stage day, so make sure you know how to present your physique in the best way possible. You can also invest in a posing coach, or ask an experienced competitor to help you with mandatory poses. Each competition may be different, so it is always good to be sure you know what these poses are. Then, time to practice, and practice some more - every day if you can!

Whatever the result might be, when you win or lose, you are still a WINNER!

The lessons you have gained from prepping until the competition are priceless. It is a journey worth remembering.



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