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Share Your Experience With The Outlaw Community

Teniqua Harris

Lifestyle turned Bikini Prep

Meeting Law was the best thing that could happen to me! Law has not only transformed my physique, but my personal life as well. He’s helped me manage my eating habits with his personalized nutrition plans. The structure alleviates having to worry and stress about what I’m going to eat as I just follow each meal on the plan. It also helps me to stay mindful of what I am eating and he teaches me how to read the nutrition labels on the foods I buy. He listens and makes adjustments based on the foods I like and my body’s responses to them. He also introduces new food items that I’ve may not have considered. I love my workouts too and using the Team Outlaw fitness app to track my progress and connect with my teammates. We hold each other accountable and give one another feedback to help each other on our individual journeys. I am encouraged to continuously evolve, be intentional, and become a better version of myself in and out of the gym. Law truly cares about his clients and has made it easy to be a mom and an athlete. The Outlaw family is hands down one of the most inviting and supportive environments I’ve ever been a part of. I love it here and for the first time I’ve finally feel like I belong. I’m blessed to have met Law and will continue to be a lifelong client whether I am competing or simply choosing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Law truly is the BEST at what he does and the results speak for themselves. We all want to have someone in our corner and I am confident that he always has my best interest at heart. Go ahead and hit him up! Get ready to work!!

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Jennifer Williams

First Competition with Coach Law

I don’t think there’s enough words to explain the importance of having a highly skilled coach. Law is a powerhouse and has reconstructed my foundation as a bodybuilder. From our first session together up to now, this man has helped me maximize my potential, and I continue to be amazed by my progress and physique. They say if you want to be the best, you have to work with the best! And, in my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than this! Law, once again, I am grateful to have you as a coach and I look forward to continue building with you into the future. Keep dominating and living your purpose, you are changing lives out here!


Domonique Dennis

Professional Bodybuilder

Being a competitive bodybuilder has always been a dream of mine. Luckily, I was referred to Coach Law by a mutual friend who had recently won a show while training with Coach Law. Man, was this one of the best decision I’ve ever made. I like training with Coach Law bc he appreciates hard work and commitment and he has always held me accountable! I recently won my first show as a Team Outlaw athlete and I’m looking forward to what the future holds!



Lose weight and tone up

I started training with Law October of 2019. He was highly recommended by a mutual friend. I must say it was one of the best decisions that I made to get back into shape. It was not easy. I cussed A LOT. Law pushed me to my limits to achieve my goals! And I must say, I'm very pleased with the results. Just follow his plan. It works! He's by far one of the best trainers that I've ever had. Thanks Law for kicking my butt!


Diana Valdovinos

Bikini Prep Coaching

I was connected to Coach Law through a former athlete of his. When I decided I wanted to compete she referred me to him advising he was a great coach, knowledgeable, experienced, and with a track record of winning athletes. I reached out to him and within a matter of a couple days I met up with him for my consultation. At this point he asked why I wanted to do this, what my vices, were among other important things that a coach who cares about your success and well-being in the sport needs to know prior to putting you on any plan. He gave me more information about the sport, discussed my goals and were ready to get started.

Throughout my prep I was mainly an online client which I was hesitant about at first because I thought I needed someone by my side at all times however I soon learned that was not necessary. Coach Law was with me every step of the way. He was prompt in responding to me messages, he would have me send videos and correct my form in exercises and follow up with me as needed after or in between my check-ins.

As we approached show date he suggested I come in twice a week to see him so he could give me that extra push I needed with my workouts to ensure that I brought my best to my first show and that is exactly what we did. He pushed me and made me realize I am actually stronger than I thought I was.
Even the day of the show we were making adjustments and check in almost by the hour.

I am so grateful I got to work with such great and truly dedicated coach and am so content with the outcome. I competed in Bikini for the 1st time and placed in my 3 categories: 2nd place True Novice, 1st place Novice class, 1st place Open class. I qualified for a national show and am excited to continue to work with Coach Law to grow and progress in the sport. We are going to get that pro card in 2022.

Post show he emphasized the importance of reverse dieting and getting me back to normal in the most healthy way which was one if my concerns and priorities from the start.

If you’re looking for a prep coach, I highly recommend working with Coach Law!


Hannah Nepal Taylor

Competition Prep

I was on IG and came along Michelle Simmons IG page, she was thanking her prep coach on a job well done as being her prep coach and winning her IFBB Pro Card. I was in the process of looking for another coach for my 2nd bodybuilding competition. I reach out to Coach Law for competition prep information, he reached out to me by phone two hours later. We had a short quick talk given that I had to step out of class to speak to him. As soon as I got off of work I called him, I told him what I was looking for in a coach and what I am trying to achieve in bodybuilding. To make a long story short lol, Law has done a Great Job and more he pushed me like no other lol. I never ever thought 💭 my body would look the way it dose. Like Law always told me just stick to the plan stick to the plan. I stuck to the plan, the meal plan, workout plan, supplements plan and now I am qualified for National in bikini & wellness.

Thank You 🙏🏽 Coach Law


Denzel Johnson

Bodybuilding Competition

I joined Team OutLaw due to Coach Law granting me an opportunity to earn a free 8 week prep. After 3 years away from the sport his support and encouragement provided me with the drive to get back on the stage. One thing about Coach Law is that nothing will ever be the same. Your plan will evolve with your progress. What you put in is what you’ll get, but regardless he will always be there and continue to motivate you through the process. Through Coach Laws guidance I won 1st place in my class and finishing runner up for the overall win. I am looking returning to the stage soon because like Coach Law said, “We have unfinished business!!!” 😤


Joshua Byrd

Get Into The Best Shape Of My Life

Law is an excellent Trainer and Coach. As a Marine and former personal trainer, I came to him already knowing a lot about fitness, diet, and exercise. Still, I had hit a brick wall with my workouts, I didn't have real expertise with respect to nutrition, and I lacked the motivation to get back on track. Law helped me in all three categories. In just 5 months, I was in the best shape of my life and exactly one year later, with his guidance, I am continuing to improve and see remarkable progress. I would recommend Team Outlaw to anyone looking to get fit, get healthy, and change their unhealthy eating habits.


Keba Richardson

Weight gain/Toning

I started training with Law January of 2021 and I love my results so far! With Law every session is new and pushes you to new limits which is what I was looking for. He is the best at what he does I’m looking forward to getting more GAINZ!!!



Muscle gain and toning

Working with Law has been a great experience . His ability to aid you in executing your goals is what is needed when you need a push! His gloves and workout apparel also helps me feel fashionable, comfortable and ready to work!


Ashley Monie

Lose Weight/ Tone Up

I've been working with Coach Law off and on since 2016. I first came across him in a fitness chat on groupme, where he was actively promoting his upcoming 4-week challenge. After seeing the results of some of his clients, I decided to join the challenge. Unfortunately for me after that challenge I sustained an injury that would require a surgery and take me out for a whole THREE years.

I reconnected with Coach Law again in October 2019. I had been meal prepping for years but I was tired of planning my meals and wanted help in that department. In April 2020, during the height of the pandemic, I decided to step it up a notch. Coach Law was promoting his Coronavirus program and I decided to sign up. Immediately I was part of the Outlaw family. Thank goodness cause if it wasn't for those zoom sessions, I don't know how I would have made it through those HIIT workouts. They were something else, all kinds of burpees, star jumps, you name it.

After completing the Coronavirus program, I've been working with Coach Law as an online client. He takes the guess work out of everything. He is diligent about updating my training program and meal plan monthly and answering my questions in a timely fashion. Additionally, he holds me accountable, which has taken my discipline to another level even when i'm out and about on the weekends, or out of town.

Coach Law is always challenging me. When I first transitioned to being an online lifestyle client, I was very adamant about not being able to run. Each month, he would ask, "you still can't run?" I would always tell him yes. Imagine my shock when I saw that not only had he programmed running for my cardio but he also expected me to run 3 miles. Needless to say, I never ran the 3 miles but I did start running.

Thank you Coach Law for your dedication. It's greatly appreciated!


Michelle Simmons

Bodybuilding Competition

I became a member of Team OutLaw by winning a free 16-week competition prep back in 2019. In result of that giveaway, my dreams of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro came true. Coach Law is great at taking his time and making sure his athletes are ready both mentally and physically for a competition prep or simply changing your lifestyle. He is very motivating and he believes in every single on of his athlete that he coaches. Even when I was not apart of the team, he believed in my and always told me to “never give up”. That’s why is a good friend to me today.



Lose weight/Tone up

Was referred to coach law through a good friend, who knew about my struggles getting toned. I already worked out hard but needed guidance in the diet area. Coach law spoke to me about my goals and my struggle areas and crafted a meal plan and a gradual training program that changed my entire outlook on how I should be training to hit the goals I had. Within the first two weeks I started losing weight, with zero cardio. Strictly sets and volume. As the weeks progressed, the workouts changed as well as the cardio. I’ve lost over 30 pounds training with coach, literally took me 4 months. I wish I came to him sooner. Thank you coach!


Kara Mitchell

Bodybuilding competition

I found Coach Law by searching Instagram for a competition prep coach with a winning reputation. Although I know it’s not the coach’s efforts that get the W, it is the relationship they build and inspiration they foster that creates a culture of success. I found that with Law.

I am primarily an online client, so having the support of my coach and the environment of my team was integral in my prep. Law encourages us the hype each other up and is not afraid to refer his team to each other or even other professionals for specific areas that he may not be the most knowledgeable in (posing, styling, etc. ) Law also has a vested interest in health, asking about digestion and menstruation which I have never been asked before.

Coach law was very detailed In preparing me for my show and was honest with feedback, even if it wasn’t my ideal outcome. Law was always available and responded quickly throughout my peak week and show day.

I am super pleased with our working relationship and the result a I got from working the plan. I’m even more pleased with the relationship we have built for never seeing each other in person. Thanks for everything!

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